Car Crazy!


You can always tell it is getting to be car show season if the sun is up when the kids go to bed. We, at the Mt. Nebo Cruzin’ Assoc. are excited to be preparing for this years 2015 car show in Nephi, Utah. We are also just a little excited to take out the old classics and go on cruises, drive in movies, and sit around and talk cars. Those are the things we live for- cars, cars, and yes, more cars. If you are feeling a little jealous because you don’t have a place that you can go and talk about cars where people won’t roll their eyes and ignore your automotive talk of awesomeness, then feel free to join us! We are always on the look out for new members who enjoy cars as much as we do. It is free to join. Just join us on our cruises, at car shows, or at the drive in movie. You don’t even need to have a classic car, but you do have to like them! All we ask is that you help us as much as you can with the Nephi Car Show, you will even get a free t-shirt for your help. Give us a call or text to get more info, or feel free to comment, e-mail, or message us on Facebook.

Phone number: (435) 610-1143

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